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Chairman's message:

  Trueman brand operation is a career deserving our wholehearted efforts. Providing high quality products and services to distributors is the key to our sustainable development. Although this Management Manual is a rudiment of the marketing department’s management philosophy and style, it has been infused with the company’s years of efforts, thoughts and experiences. It is a summary and upgrade of our current management. In it, we tell you some management philosophy that you have been expecting to implement, or the management style we are now engaged in but can’t fulfill independently. We are eager to change, but only find that it is so difficult. Anyway, we believe that after defining a correct road, action will bring benefit. Let’s start changing now, carry through our philosophies, and make our dreams come true. Our company is refilled with energy, because of your change; our company will develop smoothly, because of your devotion and enthusiasm. We believe that with your efforts, “Trueman” will become a well known brand that we will be proud of.

“Quality creates brands; brand pushes development” is our permanent operation principle. “Trueman deserves a bright future” always encourages us. We are young, active and aspirant. We are full of dreams. Of course, we also have shortcomings. There are still many things to study. We hope that what between ourselves are understanding, allowance and kind reminding. What we want to be and try to be is a professional manager with broad minds and self-restraint, not simply academic credentials or abilities. It’s my blueprint that when in someday, when you see so many people around you using Trueman products, you will feel very warm and excited, because you have worked for it. Some years later, when you and some old colleagues gather together to recall the past, the every steps by which Trueman brand is accomplished, you will fell so contented – Your personal development and experience in Trueman Company are precious memories that you will never forget.

With our common efforts, we believe we will be successful. You, are the true man!  

Thank you!

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